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Koma - Part 3: No signs by nycheefruit
Koma - Part 3: No signs
Part 3: No signs

By light first lights, when the pride awoke, the absence of Kovu was considered odd. At noon, it was suspicious that he had not returned and parties were sent out to track him down.

Vitani led one near the borders and though she continued to tell the others that they would find him and that Kovu did this a lot when they were younger, an awful though nagged at her mind. While most of the pride considered the to-be prince a little moody as of late, she'd seen past it. She knew her brother well, she could tell when it was more than just his attitude making a show. Something had been bothering him for a long time and she had the feeling it was the reason for his departure.

It was no surprise to her, Vitani had felt the same ugly tension on her own, but for other, more pressing reasons that she'd kept well hidden from the rest and tended to in her own disappearance a few weeks earlier. However, Kovu's problems would be different and when they turned up nothing by nightfall be the lingering scent of his on the border mingled with the spray of blood they'd found in the dust, she wasn't surprised.


By the fifth day with no signs of Kovu, Simba was at the end of his wits. When the parties returned on that day, he merely sighed and shook his head. No more, he'd told them all in a defeated and disappointed voice. The hunt was over, they could spare no more time following a scent that had been blown away from the Pridelands.

He decreed that night that the prince would be considered passed on, rather than a deserter. They would hold his funeral in the morning and take the next few days to mourn their lost pridemember.


God, it's been finished without a written part for like a month now. Sorry for those who waited and thank you for the three who volunteered characters for cameos!
So, is Kovu really dead? What do you think will happen next?

Curly light lioness (Aisha) - :iconmaerafey:
Light grey lioness (Tomo) - :iconstephlover:
Brown lioness (Penda) - :iconbrookcresent:

These lionesses belong to their owners, not me!

Art (c) Nycheefruit :iconnycheefruit:
The Lion King (c) Disney
Mani's Pride - Lioden by nycheefruit
Mani's Pride - Lioden
So, I thought I'd share my current Lioden pride!
My main male is the bog, brown haired guy in the upper left corner, Manigavi. I've had him for a while, I actually lose all of his previous pride except his son, the white maned one (oops..) to mood or something. In my mind, they suffered an awful drought and everyone left/died (sorry girls!).
Now, I feel he and his son, Zuga, rebuilt the pride with stray lionesses, mostly adolescents, who were left to the heat.
So beside Mani is Mivu, the grey and brown faced lioness. She was one of the first found by the pair, sick and injured. They took her in and recooped her, and now she's smitten with the king.
Next up top is Mani's son, Zuga. He was born to a big, white female who left as soon as the weather turned bad. He's next in line, but wants to enjoy his time as a young bachelor before he really settles down.
And who will he settle down with? The pretty, oddly coloured lioness beside him, Sima! They found her first of all the girls, wandering alone. Sure, she's much younger than Zuga, but they hit it off and became fast friends and had no issue when the king suggested betrothal upon Zuga's coronation.
First on the bottom left is Rami, one of the triplets. Not much to say about her other than she's rather cheerful, not terribly smart, but a good practice huntress and even better at eating.
Beside her is Caramia. She's quiet, but very smart and always learning. She isn't too graceful, but she's great at thinking up hunting maneuvers.
The light lioness beside them is their sister Hemlock. She's a bit of a control freak, but likes to lead and help out the other young girls. She's particularly close to the youngest of the group...
Who would be Hera, the bright orange lioness! She was abandoned at the edge of the territory and taken in. She's as fiery as her pelt is red and full of spunk.

So those are my guys right now!
If you want, friend me on Lioden, my user number is #14878!

Art, characters (c) :iconnycheefruit:
Lioden (c) Lioden
Succession of Evil - Second Chances by nycheefruit
Succession of Evil - Second Chances
I am SO proud of this one and in love with this guy! Welcome Sekunde, a new baddie!
You'll definitely see more of him, I've got plans in store for him, especially if I decide to go far with Koma's story.
Any theories anyone has about him?
Who is he? Who is he related to? Why is he bad, and how bad is he?

Sekunde, art (c) :iconnycheefruit:
War in the Outlands: C1 - p.3 by nycheefruit
War in the Outlands: C1 - p.3
Gaaahh, been too long, sorry guys!
I finally managed to get around to this, I'll post a few more things to make up for it!
If you're curious about why it took so long, I've been pretty down lately, reasons in my most recent journal entry.

Page 2:…
Page 4:

Comic, art (c) nycheefruit
The Lion King (c) Disney
  • Mood: Gloomy
First, sorry all for the lack of update I had promised! It's been a busy week and I haven't been home much. I'll try to get it up as soon as I can.

Now look out, rant ahead. Part of the reason that I haven't been home is that I volunteer two days a week. I won't specify where or what the place is, but stay with me. I co-oped there, was a summer student, I've been around for over two years I'd say. So the other day when they found out they were late approved for a grant of money to supply a summer position, and then gave me the posting and interview time, I got excited.

Until this morning when I recieved a call from them saying that because my college program is considered part time (no matter how many courses I take or that I go year round without a break, because it's online) and that I wasn't a full time student last year, I no longer qualify.

What a bummer.

I love this place and it won't deter me from volunteering, because really this is the best experience I can get in my field while I study, but my god does that ever put a damper on my day. :(
I felt the need to write it out, and this journal actually helped me feel a little better. Has anyone else had a let down like that before?

Oh well, brighter skies ahead maybe.


The walking 'Oops'

Current Residence: Southern Ontario, Canada


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